Grammy Awards 2019 Nominations and Predictions – Part 1

I wasn’t too upset with 2018 because Bruno Mars’ 24-karat magic was a big record. There was a lot of replay value with that album. Though I did feel there were other albums in that same category for album of the year that were way more adventurous, that tapped into uncharted territory a little bit more. They are kind of tested the water a little bit more, a little bit more creative, and unique. I didn’t think the Bruno Mars was a bad pick. It’s still a really good album. Watch Grammys 2020 Live Stream here.

For the rap category, I thought Kendrick dominated it a little bit too much of it. For the most part, I wasn’t too upset. I mean obviously the Grammys don’t know too much about music beyond mainstream, I would say so. I’m not really surprised.

I’m going to try to rationalize how I feel about these new picks here from the 2019 Grammy nominations. Let’s look at the Record of the Year first. The nominations are:

  1. I LIKE IT by Cardi B
  2. THE JOKE by Brandi Carlile
  3. THIS IS AMERICA by Childish Gambino
  4. GOD’S PLAN by Drake
  5. SHALLOW by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
  6. ALL THE STARS by Kendrick Lamar & SZA
  7. ROCKSTAR by Post Malone Featuring 21 Savage
  8. THE MIDDLE by Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey

Let me just write off THE MIDDLE right now. That was one of the ugliest songs I think I’ve ever heard in my life.

I thought ROCKSTAR was really big in 2017. I don’t remember how big it was in 2018.

For ALL THE STARS, I didn’t really think it was written that well as far as Kendrick’s perspective goes. I did like SZA’s vocals. I like the hook on that track a lot so I wouldn’t be too shocked. It was usable in a lot of places.

With SHALLOW, I feel like Lady Gaga tapped into some good singing, not a lot of yelling, pretty controlled singing and nice subtle guitar in the background flowing through the track. I like shallow waters as a metaphor. I didn’t really hear the song that much but I mean I guess if we’re talking just like from a musical standpoint, it’s not a bad track.

GOD’S PLAN with Drake had a big moment. I’ll say that I don’t really know if the moment that Drake was trying to create for God’s plan was intentional. I definitely think he had good intentions but I don’t think he was trying to create this big musical moment for himself considering the track was released months and months before the actual video came out. I don’t think that’s probably going to win.

I didn’t really like THE JOKE. It wasn’t really my cup of tea. I did hear Brandi’s album but I just didn’t really feel it like that. She’s a good singer. I just don’t really feel like that.

The next one we got is I LIKE IT. I heard it played a lot and I definitely think it has a groove, a vibe, a bump to it, and Cardi definitely has extreme marketability, so her winning a Grammy at this point wouldn’t be a shocker.

I think THIS IS AMERICA by Childish Gambino is a track that accompanied with the music video has a lot more impact than without it. Just looking at the song alone, I definitely love the song but I don’t feel like many people are bumping it. I don’t think it’ll probably be record of the year. Maybe, if they had a category for a music video of the year, it might earn that but as it stands.

I think out of everything here, I think that the one that has the best chance of winning probably be Cardi B. She’s my personal pick if I got to choose here. I wouldn’t be mad at ALL THE STARS but I’m assuming Cardi B will win it.

How to watch Grammy Awards 2019 Live Stream Online Full Show

It is the time of year that we are all excited about. It is the night that we have been waiting for. Who will be the winner? This is the million dollar question and we don’t just want the answer – we want the explanation!

Who will be the winners or the Big 4 categories namely: Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist? Each of these categories are very important to fans like us because these are the awards that will tell how great or popular is our favorite artist/s or musician.

For now, stay tuned for the Grammy Awards 2019 Live Stream.

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